The SETH Art Leather Living Concept mindning

It’s a state of mind that allows us to be free every day, to express our authenticity, our identity, our freedom, to assume our passion for leather, a noble and powerful material sustainable and ethical.

SETH Art Leather Living Concept

For a different, responsible fashion, a discreet luxury that lives only worn.

With «SETH Art Leather Living Concept»,  I propose a brand, a name, a state of mind, a style that try to express our, your history with creations, unique or personalized works, to your measurements, according to your inspirations with the choice of material and color.

A leather, a garment to be unique, to reinvent oneself.

An art of living with consciousness  and will that mix the strength of the elements and the faith in its future.


Between Cultures, Wisdom and Knowledge, our existence is built on symbols, metaphysics and the search for our Identity…the fight for Truth… Life, Death.

Seth, the 3rd son of Adam and Eve, means “established”, “placed”, restores the continuity of Abel, of humanity, of all generations of the just, until the end of time and allows the arrival of the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

In ancient Egypt it is the archetype, of struggle, of anger, of constructive and destructive forces, of the foreigner, of solitude and exile that brings it to the dimension of a Free Being, which is why I chose it as my brand identity!

A long path of learning, observation, work, Jean Marc Benoist, designer, fashion designer is now an entrepreneur.

I created «SETH Art leather Living Concept» in Italy, in Rome in 2007.

In constant search of my identity, of an Image, of a social landmark, passionate by drawing, creation, leather, physical and metaphysical journeys, Fashion becomes an evidence…

From a family of craftsmen and military parents, it all begins for me with the sign of the journey and the foreigner. Born in Germany in June 1964 in Freiburg in Brisgau in Baden Württemberg, I then live in Colmar then Aix en Provence where I study Plastic Arts and Drama, French Polynesia for military service and Paris since 1984 where I learn my trade as a stylist and men’s clothing with Ruven Feder.

I am 20 years old, drawing and creating for Pierre Cardin, then Pierre Balmain and 12 years for the creator Claude Montana which will allow me to acquire a know-how, a vision of fashion, a sense of detail, of the cutting and affirm my passion and knowledge for the material: leather.

Claude Montana 1991
Claude Montana 1994
Claude Montana 1997

1992, in search of authenticity, spirituality, truth, I return to Polynesia, then to California where I make a series of drawings on HIV/ Hybridization of consciousness “an orther state of mind”.

I come back to Paris and go back to Claude Montana.

2003, I moved to Italy, Padova, Bologna and then Rome.


2005, I created a first brand and personal collection of leather garments Woman and Man «Mercuro» with a company in Tuscany. Difficulties of communication and financing made me create, alone, my own company in 2007 with experimental and unique pieces:

SETH Art Leather Living Concept.

I return to Paris and work to finance myself as an independent stylist for more commercial Women and Men collections for Sylvie Schimmel, Ventcouvert, Mc Douglas, Pellissimo, Daytona73… I give lectures and workshop presenting trends in China, Haining and Shang hai to industrials and fashion designers.

Today I share my activity between my company, my creations and advices, teaching Drawing, Style and Leather for Fashion schools in Paris.

Mac GOUGLAS 2013
Mac GOUGLAS 2013

SETH Art Leather Living Concept


What I do is:

A concept with a simplified structure, very flexible, personalized, without stock, direct contact.

I propose you these creations, leather garments, unique pieces, experimental, with a fit, inspired by an urban world, traditional, sophisticated, nonchalant, for a woman, a man who loves riding, antique cars and rare pieces but also the motorcycle, distant spaces, solitude, meditation, between metal rock and Baroque music, updated in new materials and colors.

Tailor-made to be as close to you as possible.

My goal is to also realize your own pieces on demand, in a few weeks to your measurements, according to your inspiration I will design, with your material, color.  I take care of the details and propose several fittings to offer you the luxury of a personalized piece.

I select my lambskins from Syria, Veneto half-breeds and horsehide, gold powdered Toscano wool skins, merinos, stretch leathers from renowned Italian tanners CARISMA, English RYAN Leather ltd and French FICHET, Bodin-Joyeux, RIAL 1957, concerned about origin, quality and ethics.

They are innovative leathers in their development and tanning with as little chromium as possible, to standard and respect for the environment as well as zip and metal parts.

The embroideries for each piece are inspired by the medieval world, flamboyant Gothic or associated with an ethnic spirit, biker.

They were made by an Italian embroiderer from Tuscany, with gold and silver metallic and colored threads.

For a bespoken garment, I work closely with Parisian owners, artisans, leather makers who bring me all their resources and know-how to allow me to elaborate my creations as objects of art, to ensure flexibility, the follow-up and retouching in order to propose the realization of each custom piece, customized and handmade.

Loyalty and communication at the heart of success

I inform you step by step of the achievement and stay in constant contact with you.

Each piece can be delivered to your home during the day by courier in Paris or in a few days abroad.

Development and projects

I hope with «SETH Art Leather Living Concept» to regularly develop new creations, to offer accessories bags, belts and shoes as well as Design and interior objects... an art of living with links and references



Adam still had conjugal relations with Eve. She gave birth to a son and called him Seth, for, she said, God has given me another son to replace Abel whom Cain killed.

Genesis 4.25

Adam, a hundred and thirty years old, bore a son in his likeness, according to his image, and gave him the name Seth (Sheth).

Genesis 5.3

Our first parents were comforted in their affliction by the birth of a son, whose name, Seth, means “established” or “placed”; of this progeny, humanity continued its lineage to the end of time, especially for the arrival of Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

Seth walked in the footsteps of his brother martyr, Abel; he was animated by great faith and true righteousness towards God and the Saviour Jesus Christ, thereby becoming the living witness of divine grace and the influence of the Holy Spirit.

Seth also had a son, and he called him Enosh. Then they began to appeal in the name of the Lord.

Genesis 4.26

Seth (Sheth) lived after the birth of Enosch eight hundred and seven years; and he begat sons and daughters.

Genesis 5.7

All the days of Seth (Sheth) were nine hundred and twelve years; then he died.

Genesis 5.8


At the beginning of the Egyptian dynastic period (circa 3150 - circa 2613 B.C.), Seth was originally an important and friendly god from Upper Egypt whose name was invoked for love spells and inscribed on amulets that served as love charms. He was also the deity who saved the sun god Re from the serpent Apophis, an evil creature who tried to stop the sun god’s journey into the night sky towards dawn.

Egyptian god of rain and storm, desert and oases, Seth became the god of evil influences because of the role he played in the legend of Osiris.

Originally, Seth was a god of heaven, desert, storm, disorder and war. He is by and large the crafty character typical of tales and legends. He embodies the necessary and creative violence and disorder. The vicissitudes of his cult reflect both the ambiguity of the Egyptians' feelings towards him and the various political changes that Egypt has experienced.

During the Second Dynasty (circa 2775-2650 BC), King Peribsen was the first pharaoh to associate himself with the name Seth.

Seth is one of the first five gods created by the union of Geb (earth) and Nut (heaven) after the creation of the world. Its name is usually translated as "instigator of confusion" and "destructive" and it was associated with disorder, lands and foreign peoples, and the color red.

The religion of ancient Egypt has often been considered a dualist. Indeed, in the solar religion of Egypt, Ra, the sun, the principle of life and truth that can be represented as the creator of the Universe, has as its perpetual adversary Apophis, the gigantic serpent of shadow. In the myth of Osiris, Seth, the evil god, kills Osiris and then opposes Isis and Horus.