The concept

Between Wisdom, Knowledge and Culture, symbols, metaphysics and the search for Truth built our life, it is why I chose SETH as brand identity!

In the Bible, Seth is the 3rd son of Adam and Eve, means "established," "placed," restores the continuity of Abel, of humanity until the end of time and allows by his lineage the Messi to come, Jesus Christ, the Incarnation of the Verb, of God on earth.

In ancient Egypt, Seth is the archetype of anger, combat, destructive and constructive forces, of the stranger, of loneliness and exile that brings him to a free being status.

Leather, because it is an ancestral material, loaded with symbols and spirituality, a know-how of humanity, leather as clothing, an experience, a melee, to be unique, to reinvent itself.

A "leather" garment as an art of living with consciousness and will that mixes and inscribes the strength of the elements and faith in its future.

For an art of living, a different fashion, responsible, discreet luxury, a leather garment that lives only worn, with SETH "Art Leather Living Concept", I want to propose a brand, a state of mind, a style that try to express ourself, your history with creations, unique works, exclusivity.

To order, I adapt and customize the model to your measurements, your inspirations and your choice for material and colour.

Who is SETH "Art Leather Living Concept"?

With a long career and apprenticeship, Jean Marc Benoist, designer, stylist is now an independent contractor with Jean Marc Benoist design concept.

I created "SETH Art leather Living Concept" in Italy, in Rome in 2007.

I am passionate about artistic creation, the material and the work of leather, physical and metaphysical journeys, with the will to transmist my experience and worldview ...

From a family of craftsmen and military relatives, all starts for me, in Germany in June 1964 in Freiburg in Breisgau in Baden Wurttemberg. A childhood in Colmar and later in Aix in Provence where I study in the Plastic Arts and Drama. I discovered French Polynesia for the military service and Paris in 1983 where I settled and learned my job as a fashion designer.

A crucial meeting, decisive with the stylist Ruven Feder who introduced me to Fashion and Ready to Wear. Then in 1984, it will be at Pierre Cardin, Pierre Balmain and for 12 years with the fashion designer Claude Montana who will allow me to acquire a know-how, a vision of fashion, a sense of detail, of cutting and affirming my passion and knowledge for the material: leather.

1992, I return to live in Polynesia, then move a few months in California, the cherish town of San Francisco but return to Paris!

2003, I moved to Italy, to Padova, Bologna and fixed in Roma.

I created a first brand and personal collection of women's and men's leather clothing "Mercuro" with a Tuscan company. Communication and financing difficulties make me create, alone, my own brand in 2007 with experimental and unique pieces:

SETH Art Leather Living Concept.

I return to France, to Paris and work as an independent fashion designer for women's and men's collections, between designer, vintage spirit and biker, for leather brands: Sylvie Schimmel, Ventcouvert, Mc Douglas, Pellissimo, Daytona73... and work with various workshops in Turkey. At the same time, I give lectures, workshops presenting trends in China, Haining and Shang hai.

Today I share my activity between my company, my creations, board and teaching drawing, style, accessories and leather collections process for fashion schools.

What I do

I propose personal creations, a concept of leather clothing, unique pieces, only one size fits for this collection I’ve named Experi-M-ental.

It is an experimental research, inspired by an urban world, traditional, sophisticated, nonchalant, for a woman, a man who loves horseback riding, vintage cars and fine art but also motorcycling, distant spaces, solitude, meditation, between rock metal and Baroque music...

Next step is to update these pieces in new materials and colours, and on demand, make a piece in a few weeks, to your measurements, depending on your inspiration, material and colour of your choice. I take care to organize different fittings, focus on every detail to offer you the luxury of a personalized experience and garment.

Aware of the economic, ecological, overproduction and overconsumption, fair trade, I have set up a simplified structure, very flexible, personalized, without stock with the minimum of intermediaries, working with suppliers and workshops responsible craftsmen.

The skins selected for this first "Experi-M-ental" collection and the first unique pieces are Syrian lamb skins, half-breeds, Italian tanners CARISMA, Pink and gold metallic toscanos shearling skins, merinos, Veneto equine skins, English RYAN Leather Ltd and French FICHET tanneries.

Concerned about provenance and quality, these are innovative leathers in their production and tanning controlled, with the least chrome possible, to the standards and respect for the environment as well as for zips and metal parts accessories.

I work and offer today leathers lamb skin from Bodin-Joyeux, stretch leather lamb skin from RIAL1957...

The embroidery for each piece is inspired by the Middle Age, flamboyant Gothic or associated with an ethnic and biker spirit. They were made by an Italian embroiderer company from Tuscany, with gold and silver threads and metallics on leather and linings.

I work closely with Parisian leather craftsmen who bring me all their resources and know-how to allow me to develop my creations as art pieces, to ensure flexibility, follow-up and retouching in order to propose the realization of each piece customized, personalized and handmade.

I stay closely in touch with you and inform you step by step of the realization of your order.

Each piece can be delivered to your home during the day by courier in Paris or in a few days in France or abroad by post.

With SETH “Art Leather Living Concept”, my will is to develop new creations, accessories, bags, belts and shoes as well as design and interior objects... in order to propose an art of living, a concept around leather with links and references with other designers...



Inspired by the time passes by, inexorably, which makes its mark, prints on the skin, on the leather, I seek to translate this expression, this reflection of our soul, of every moment lived as an unique history.

I write the time, movement in the aerodynamic or architectural shapes and cuts of each piece.

A hybrid style, urban and sporty, with cutouts and accessory from luggage and shoe world, two lines, two visions, identities opposed models in different and complementary lines, shoulder constructions: round, soft and embossing or straight and structured.

A classic, urban universe, for lovers of vintage cars or horseback riding transcribed with in Syrian lamb leathers, very supple, with soft touch, glovey or shiny effect, dipped, or a merino shearling skin with an aged effect.

A soft and bright colour palette with beige and glossy brown for casual clothing, combined with technical, innovative, metallic silver linings.

Stronger, thicker, sportier leather qualities for a biker, adventurer, bully, rebellious, with a equine skin or double-faced kangaroo for which black is de rigueur.

Lines and details that mix, rivets and metal rings from the world of horseback riding, leather goods and where a spirit of city and biker, knight of modern times with flamboyant ethnic/Gothic embroidery, a mixt of history and culture, is part of with an iconic M, experi-M-ental ... Master, Memory, Monarchy, Monastery, Mystery, Miracle, Mercy, Mercury...


Inspired by the time passes by, inexorably, which makes its mark, prints its on the skin, on the leather, I seek to translate this expression, this reflection of our soul, of every moment lived, as an unique story.

I write the time, the movement in the aerodynamic or architectural shapes and cuts of each piece for a casual, classic, urban, sophisticated, baroque garment.

A hybrid, urban, and baroque universe, two visions, identities contrasted models with different and complementary lines and shoulder constructions: round, soft and emboling for jackets and coat or straight and structured for the jacket "Perfecto".

Syrian lamb leathers, very supple, with a soft touch, glovy or shiny effect, dipped, beige or black, a mixed nubuck colour Terra Cotta, powder metallic pink for a discreet and vintage fantasy or a pink shearling skin with metallic gold spray for a baroque shifted effect associated with technical linings, innovative, metallic bronze.

A stronger, thicker, sportier leather quality for a biker spirit, riding, adventurous, burly, rebellious, with equine leather, where black is de rigueur.

Styles and details that mix rivets and metal rings from the world of horseback riding, leather goods and where a spirit of city and biker, modern warrior of the times with flamboyant ethnic/Gothic embroidery, mix of history and culture with an emblematic M, experi-M-ental ... Madam, Madonna, Miss, Memory, Monarchy, Monastery, Mystery, Medal, Miracle, Mercy, Mercury...



Adam still had a conjugal relationship with Eve. She gave birth to a son and called him Seth, for, she said, "God gave me another son to replace Abel whom Cain killed.
Genesis 4.25
Adam, a hundred and thirty years old, begat a son in his likeness, according to his image, and gave him the name of Seth (Sheth)
Genesis 5.3
Our first parents were comforted in their affliction by the birth of a son, whose name, Seth, means "established" or "placed"; of this progeny, humanity continued its lineage until the end of time, in particular, for the arrival of Jesus Christ, the Messiah. Seth walked in the footsteps of his martyr brother, Abel; he was animated by great faith, and true righteousness towards God and the Savior Jesus Christ, becoming the living witness of the divine grace and influence of the Holy Spirit. Seth also had a son, and he called him Enoch. It was then that the call began to be made in the name of the Lord.
Genesis 4.26
Seth (Sheth) lived, after Enoch's birth, eight hundred and seven years and he fathered sons and daughters.
Genesis 5.7
Every day of Seth (Sheth) was nine hundred and twelve years old, and then he died.
Genesis 5.8


At the beginning of the dynastic period of Egypt (circa 3150 - c. 2613 BC), Seth was originally an important and friendly god of Upper Egypt whose name was invoked for love spells and inscribed on amulets that served as love charms. He was also the deity who saved the sun god Ra from the serpent Apophis, an evil creature who tried to stop the sun god's journey into the night sky around dawn.

An Egyptian God of rain and storm, desert and oasis, Seth became the god of harmful influences because of the role he played in the legend of Osiris. Originally, Seth was a god of heaven, desert, storm, disorder and war. He is the cunning character typical of tales and legends.

It embodies the necessary and creative violence and disorder. The vicissitudes of his cult reflect both the ambiguity of Egyptian sentiments towards him and the various political changes that Egypt has experienced. During the Second Dynasty (2775 approx.-2650 approach to BC), King Peribsen was the first pharaoh to associate with the name of Seth.

Seth is one of the first five gods created by the union of Geb (earth) and Nut (heaven) after the creation of the world. Its name is generally translated as "instigator of confusion" and "destructive" and it was associated with disorder, foreign lands and peoples, and red color.

The religion of ancient Egypt has often been regarded as dualistic. Indeed, in the solar religion of Egypt, Ra, the sun, the principle of life and truth that can be represented as the creator of the Universe, has as perpetual opponent Apophis, the gigantic snake of the shadow. In the myth of Osiris, Seth, the evil god, kills Osiris and then opposes Isis and Horus.