Unique models of the collection « EXPERI.M.ENTAL »

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Noble material, leather.

Give yourself the luxury of a unique piece, tailor-made, for a well-being and a model that suits you.

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Since the dawn of time, between tradition and innovation, leather adapts and transcribes every circumstance of life, protection, shell and power of fascination, which is why I work with this noble material;

Today tanneries are concerned about quality, environmental impact and fair trade, Seth Art Leather Living concept too.

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With my experience of 17 years in the Haute Couture houses Pierre Cardin, Balmain and designer Claude Montana in Paris, I realize my creations by bringing all my experience of design, cutting and my know-how for the manufacture of your unique high-end piece.

« the luxury of being unique »

Man has always sought to express his identity, his particularities, his history, his universe and to define his Art of living by his choice

The choice

Select a template from the EXPERI.M.ENTAL collection, the unique piece or choose the possibility of pre-order to your measurements, in the leather and colors you want with the option
Preorder/Half measure

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You will validate your choice and a first payment amount so that I can contact you personally for the realization of your model. You can also contact me

Jean Marc Benoist
+33 (0)632914962

You will tell me your measurements with "the kit" ribbon leather samples, lining that I will send you or you may come to take your measurements with the pattern maker in Paris for an optimal customization and advice

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You have been created UNIQUE, a multifaceted soul, that's why I design and realize these pieces, clothes, unique works, inspired by a multitude of universes and styles to meet your sensitivity and requirement of every search of a metaphysics, philosophy, urban identity, art...Timeless


Une veste, un blouson, un pantalon, une robe est dessiné, crée, coupé, assemblé selon vos mesures pour une pièce qui ne vit que par vous et pour vous.

A jacket, a coat, a pants, a dress is drawn, created, cut, assembled according to your measurements for a garment that lives only by you and for you. Contact me personally to study your desire and expectation to realize your creation

Jean Marc Benoist
+33 (0)632914962

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Canvas and fitting

Each piece is thought, built to translate the movement, your body and your activity, personalized by work, study of the modeler for a perfect line and cut, a piece, a luxury at your image.

The first canvas is sent to you for validation or you can have the pleasure of coming to experience a fitting, together, with the pattern maker in his workshop in Paris.

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Clothes made in the craftsmen workshops’ in Paris for the best of the French tradition and know-how.

The workshops

Each piece is assembled with all the Art, the Know-How, the mark, the life, the perfections and imperfections of the hand made work of the craftsmen, shapers in the workshop in Paris for the preorder and the tailor-made of your model.

I make you follow and participate in each step of the realization process, from the assembly of your model in the workshop for a unique experience by contacting you regularly.

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At home

Prompt delivery by courier in Paris or by Colissimo in the provinces or worldwide for each unique piece of the EXPERI.M.ENTAL collection.

You can come and try it before by appointment and leave with.

For a PREORDER or tailor-made personal creation, a realization and a delivery are estimated between 3 and 7 weeks.

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A universe, an art of living, a state of mind, your identity

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+33 (0)632914962